Privacy & Cookie Policy

This privacy and cookies policy is obliged to processing of personal data which are provided to us or which are accessed by us using our web site and other related services and applications. Personal data collected by us are managed and protected by using advanced technical procedures and measures to keep them safe preventing misuses such as the third party access and data alterations. Please read our Privacy and Cookies policy to understand how we collect your data, why do we do so and how do we protect them. Accessing our site prove that you have a complete comprehension of our personal data handling process.

How Do We Collect Your Personal Information

Generally, Most of the sites use registrations forms and cookies to collect personal data. But we use the only cookies as our data collecting strategy. Because we are not selling or marketing any product or service. We are only providing content based on the latest technology for educational purposes.

How Do We Use Your Personal Information

We use your personal information to improve our site and keep our site up-to-date. It helps us to personalize the user's experience and identify the possible modifications to the site. Your personal data are precious to us when determining the content that should be included in the site to make it more useful and valuable. All the collected data are protected by us and no third party accesses are allowed.

Do We Share Your Personal Information

Yes. We share your Personal Information with third parties if they are willing to proceed following our terms and regulations. But you have to understand that this is not some kind of trading or business. We only agree with our trusted third parties to share data if they give their consent to follow our guidelines. We have to share your personal information with the third parties in cases such as selecting ideal advertisements to display on our sites/optimizing and improving our sites. Data sharing is always based on our rules and in compliance with Privacy and cookies policy along with applicable regulations and security measures. Occasionally we display advertisements on third-party products and services on our site and we have no responsibility if you access one of them through our site since they have their own privacy and cookies policy.

Cookies Policy

We use cookies to enhance the user experience on our site and improve our site. A cookie is a small data file which is sent by a website to the user's computer to be saved on the user's web browser. The purpose of cookies is helping websites to remember the users' personal information and user activities such as site loggings, frequently visited pages, prefered languages etc. When a user visits a website after the first visit, the web browser sends cookies file to the site server and offer relevant data faster than the first visit. As a demanding website, cookies are very valuable to us since we can make crucial improvements on our sites based on cookies. Cookies provide us details such as site traffic, site interaction, users activities on our site which are very helpful when updating our site occasionally. We use specific cookies for specific purposes. You can have a better understanding of each cookie and its functionality referring below guide

  • Necessary cookies - This type of cookies helps users to log in to our sites and access and download the tools that have been offered
  • Functionality cookies - Functionality cookies help us to maintain the proper functionality of our site
  • Performance cookies - This type of cookies are very important to us since we are providing content for educational purposes. Performance cookies provide details such as visitors count, visitors activities and their movement through our site which are priceless when improving the site.
  • Advertising cookies - Help us to count the users' visiting to the site. It helps us to recognize how much our site is useful and popular among the users.

Third-Party Cookies

A third-party cookie refers to a cookie which is different from the domain that is shown in the address bar. This type of cookies appears when a site uses external content or advertisments. When a user visits a site that contains external content or advertisments, related advertisers save cookies on the user's web browser. Afterwards, those cookies are used in other sites that contain the same advertisements or contents to build browsing history from all source that contains the same advertisments. We are also displaying advertisements which cause third-party cookies to be saved on your web browser. As same as, direct advertising we participate in affiliate advertising which means earning commission including affiliate links from affiliate partners. In such cases, they save third-party cookies to figure out your interest and responses for the product or service. We are not responsible for them since clicking them is your consent

Can You Disable Cookies

Yes, You can switch off cookies configuring relevant settings to your web browser. But you have to be informed that disabling cookies may lead to improper functionality of some features on the site.